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Department of Planning and Community Development

Economic Development Division

Planning and Community Development Office
1 JFK Memorial Drive
Braintree, MA 02184
781 794-8230
Fax: 781 794-8089

Director: Christine Stickney, 781 794-8232,

Departmental Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.


Town of Braintree Climate Vulnerability Assessment

and Action PlanMAPC

The Town has been working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to asses our vulnerability to impacts of climate change, such as increased flooding, sea level rise, heat impacts, etc. The final report and action plan can be found here.


Ivory Street Corridor Study - MAPC

The Town of Braintree has embarked on an effort to look at the Ivory Street Corridor with assistance from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) for future build-out and long term master planning efforts. Soliciting the participation of the property owners, tenants and general public this effort is coming to the final stages for presentation. On March 23, 2017, MAPC representatives provided a presentation to the residents, property owners and businesses - click here to view the presentation.


Landing Apartments Development


Under Construction - October 2017 - View from Weymouth

The Landing Apartments is a transit orient development project located at the corner of Commercial Street and the FL Wright Connector in the Landing on the Braintree side.  Approved in 2015, the development is mixed use - 172 residential apartments and 11,000 SF first floor retail. Construction of the project began in April of 2016 is anticipated for completion in 2017. During construction our office will be posting weekly updates of projected work schedule to assist residents and the general public that may live, work or travel through this area.  Weekly updates can be reviewed by clicking here


Projected Occupancy is mid-January 2018 further information can be obtained by visiting


Superstructure Replacement Bridges - Route 3/Burgin Parkway - 2017

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is embarking on a major bridge replacement of the Route 3 NB/SB bridges at the Burgin Parkway interchange.  Construction is expected to begin in April of 2017 with the bridges themselves replaced over a series of weekends in October of the sam year according to MDOT officials. The attached information sheet provides more detail and MDOT contacts for any questions or concerns -

Route 3 Braintree Fact Sheet_2-18-16_reducedsize_LF_final


 Comprehensive Zoning Review and Update of Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

The Planning and Community Development Office under the direction of Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan embarked on a multi year project to review and improve the Town Zoning Bylaws and adopted a new revised Zoning Map.  The project was originally awarded to a firm who is no longer the consultant of record as of November 1, 2017 Horsley-Witten has been brought on board to complete the project.

Due to expansive subject matter and the duration of the project a dedicated website to read materials, learn of public meetings and follow the project's progress has been established that will allow residents, business owners, development community and the general public to be active participants. The website is presently being revamped to be launched in early 2018 please check back.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel to contact the Planning Director, Christine Stickney at the above contact information.


"Envision Braintree: Demographic Profile & Demographic Projections" - March 2015

The Planning and Community Development Office under the direction of Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan engaged Barry Bluestone of the Dukakis Center for Urban & Regional Policy at Northeastern University to examine certain demographic characteristics of the community.  A six month study, the final report was issued in March of 2015 and a public presentation of the reports findings were revealed on June 3, 2015 to the public.  The report provides a variety of insightful findings and recommendations - to access the report click here


Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) buildings and site -

Allen Street

Under the direction of Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan, the Town of Braintree has been progressing with efforts to re-develop the former Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) site at 44 Allen Street.  Among the efforts undertaken has a year long public outreach effort under the direction of the the Community Design Resource Center (CDRC) of Boston with residents and community leaders to review possible re-use options for the property.  The CDRC final report is available  Click here to view the CDRC report.   

As a second measure in promoting the site for re-development was having a feasibility study performed that could address potential due diligence questions a developer could have in consideration of the property. This was completed by Gamble Associates in early spring of 2014 and is now available for public review and comment click on titles below: 

Gamble Associates Pre-Development Feasibility Study (2014)

Gamble Associated Appendix to Pre-Development Feasibility Study

As a public entity, the Town must adhere to public solicitation of the next step to encourage developers to submit proposals for the property based on the guidelines to date established through this process.  It is anticipated this will be forthcoming in next few months.


Monatiquot Riverwalk

Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan with assistance from the Planning and Community Development Office and an inspired team of consultants needs your help through a letter writing campaign to support efforts for a National Park Service grant application for technical assistance to develop the Monatiquot Riverwalk.

 Through the “pro bono” services of a team of consultants, David Gamble of Gamble Associates, Amanda Sloan of GLA Landscape Architects and Keirsten Shaffer of Shaffer Associates who have provided their services to assist in this endeavor the attached newsletter provides details of the vision for the river walk. 

Please assist Braintree by a writing a letter of support – details of who should receive the letter and where to send it are provided in the newsletter.  

To view Newsletter - click here

Presentation to Town Council on 6/21/11 - click here



      Landing District (BWLD)

          Town of Braintree zoning only

   Mayor Joseph C. Sullivan along with the Braintree Planning Board

   submitted proposed zoning for a new zoning district in the Town of

   Braintree.  The district known as the "Braintree - Weymouth Landing

  District" as shown on the accepted zoning map - click here - is

accompanied by a new zoning section (BWLD)  including amendments to sections within the existing zoning ordinance. To view the adopted Braintree zoning ordinance - click here