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Frequently Asked Questions

Board of License Commissioners
One JFK Memorial Drive
Braintree, MA 02184
Phone: (781) 794-8151
Fax: (781) 794-8128

How do I obtain a Business License?
A Business License (Business Certificate) is obtained in the Town Clerk’s Office.

What is required for a Change of Manager?
Vote of Corporate Board; CORI Request Form; ABCC Form 997; ABCC Form A, Copy of Government issued photographic form of ID; Copy of completed Alcohol Server Training Certificate;

Where do I obtain a list of abutters?
DPW Engineering Division, 85 Quincy Avenue, Braintree

How do I get the abutter’s list certified?
At the Board of Assessor’s Office, Town Hall, 1st Floor

What will happen if I don’t post a bond for a Class 2 Dealers License?
The town must have a copy of the dealer’s bond or an alternative that will be
accepted, such as a certificate of deposit or irrevocable letter of credit equal to the bond amount, upon submission of the application for a new license or license renewal. Failure to provide these will result in the town denying the issuance of a current-year license.

Do I need a separate bond if I have multiple locations?
A separate bond shall be required for each different name under which the dealer conducts his business and for each city or town in which the dealer has a place of business.

Can I purchase alcoholic beverages from a package store for a Section 14 License (One-Day Alcoholic Beverages or Wine and/or Malt Beverages)?
Applicants requesting a Section 14 License CANNOT purchase alcoholic beverages from a package store. The alcoholic beverages MUST be purchased from a licensed wholesaler/importer, manufacturer, farmer-winery, farmer-brewery or special permit holder.

If a seller or a third party wishes to obtain a security interest in the alcoholic beverages license, what is required?
The pledge must be approved by the local licensing authority and the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.