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Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Elder Affairs
71 Cleveland Avenue
Braintree, MA 02184
Tel 781 848-1963
Fax 781 848-2835

How can I get a ride?
Call the Department of Elder Affairs at 781 848-1963 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm to reserve a ride.

How early can I get a ride?
The transportation service starts when the Department of Elder Affairs opens at 8:30am. The earliest pick up is at 8:45am.

What towns will the van go to?
The Department of Elder Affairs vans go to Braintree and the surrounding South Shore towns of Weymouth, Quincy, Holbrook, Randolph, Milton, Hingham, Dorchester and Brockton. Rides into Boston may be available through our MAP program.

What types of volunteer positions are available?
We have many different positions available. Some of the positions are: Clerical, Receptionist, Crafters, Escorts, Friendly Visitor, Group Facilitators, Hostess, Meals-on-Wheels drivers, Newsletter delivery drivers, and van drivers for medical/social appointments. Let us know what your expertise is and we are sure we can find a volunteer position to match your skills.

What would be the hourly commitment that a volunteer would have to make?
We ask our volunteers what hours, days, and times they are available and we work closely with them to accommodate their schedules. You can volunteer from one hour to 100 hours a month/year…it’s your choice! You could also possibly start new activities that would utilize your skills and knowledge. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas. Come check us out!

My neighbor is elderly and she needs some help. What can be done?
My father is 86 and he lives alone. He is getting forgetful. What can I do? My aunt is 76 and still driving, even though she has had several car accidents recently? Who can help her? My mother needs help with bathing and I can’t get there every week to help her. Is there any help out there for that issue?
If you know of someone who may need help, and you are unsure what to do about it, please call the Outreach program at the Department of Elder Affairs. Every situation is treated respectfully and remains confidential. We will attempt to contact the person in need and assist them with obtaining services that will help them remain safely in their own homes. We will contact appropriate agencies and resources on their behalf. 

Sometimes I get so tied up in knots dealing with my elderly parents. They won’t listen to me! I am just trying to help them, but they are so stubborn. They need help with the housework, shopping, and rides. They tell their doctor they’re fine, but they’re not! I am frustrated, but I keep trying to help them. Is there someone I can talk to about their situation?
Absolutely. That is what we are here for. Please call the Department of Elder Affairs and ask for the Outreach program. We can work with you to help your parents. It is often tricky dealing with a family situation such as yours, but if the issues are approached with sensitivity, positive changes can be effected which will help both you and your parents.

My father is being released from a rehabilitation facility in two days. He will need a commode, a shower bench, wheelchair, etc.. Where should we start looking for those items?
The Department of Elder Affairs has an equipment loan program. We accept donations of gently used or new medical equipment which we then loan out on an as needed basis. When someone doesn’t need the equipment anymore, we ask that it be cleaned and returned to us so someone else can benefit from it. We have a short loan information form to be filled out when the equipment is picked up.

The house is getting to be too much for my parents to handle. What are their options for housing if they sell their home?
Braintree has many options for seniors who sell their homes. The Braintree Housing Authority manages senior only and mixed family unit developments in town. Their telephone number is 781 848-1484 for more information. There is also the option of assisted living facilities. If one’s ability to care for themselves is declining, local nursing homes may be considered. For a more complete listing of housing options in the South Shore area you can call South Shore Elder Services Inc., at 781 848-3910. Ask for their Information & Referral department.