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Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Braintree Department of Planning and Community Development

Conservation Division

1 JFK Memorial Dr.
Braintree, MA 02184
781 794-8230
Fax: 781 794-8089

Where can I obtain a plot plan of my property?

The Department keeps only plans approved by the Planning Board and Conservation Commission.  If the property in question was part of an application submitted for review there may be a plan on file.  Residents are urged to inquire.


How can I determine if my property lies within a floodplain?

The Department Staff will review the Flood Insurance Rate Maps generated by FEMA and determine whether or not your property is within the floodplain.  Based on your Floodplain designation and the proposed project the Department Staff will advise you as to what local permits from the Planning Board and Conservation Commission are required.


How can I determine if there are wetlands on or within 100’ of my property?  Do I need to file an application?

The Conservation Staff is available to make a site visit to determine the presence of jurisdictional wetland areas and advise you as to permitting requirements and processes. Generally work within 100’ of a wetland and 200’ of a perennial river will require Conservation Commission review.  Staff is available to assist.


How can I get a copy of the Zoning Bylaw?

The Zoning Bylaw may be purchased [$20.00] at the Town’s Clerk office in Town Hall.  In addition, we have provided a link in the Planning Board Section of this webpage where the Zoning Ordinance can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format by Article.


How can I find out what zoning district my property is located in?

Please call the Department of Planning and Community Development [781.794.8230] for staff assistance.



I have received a notice of a proposed project in my neighborhood.   Can I get copies of plans and correspondence?

The Department charges a nominal fee for copying ($.20 a page). A full size plan sheet is currently $5.00 per copy.  If a request for documentation requires staff time to research and compile, the charge will be the hourly rate of the administrative staff based on the number of hours required.


Can you recommend Land Surveyors or Professional Engineers?

The Department does not recommend Land Surveyors or Professional Engineers.  However, you are welcome to look through our application files which contain contact information for these professionals.  In addition, the Inspections Division maintains a list of Land Surveyors.


When does the Conservation Commission meet?

The Conservation Commission typically meets on the second and fourth Thursday evenings at 7:00 P.M.  Please check the Conservation Commission page for the current meeting schedule.