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Monday, February 20 is Presidents’ Day. Trash & Recycling collection will be delayed one day. Trash collection will be Tuesday through Saturday.




Cart Information

The Town of Braintree has an automated trash and recycling collection service. A trash and recycling cart is given to each residence when the trash and recycling fee is paid. These 64 gallon carts are the property of the Town and stay with the house.

The Town implemented “Single Stream Recycling”, which means that you no longer have to sort materials before recycling them. Recyclable items can go into the cart in any order: glass, cans, plastic, flattened cardboard, and paper. Please be sure to read the information label embedded into the recycling cart lid as it has important information to help you to obtain maximum service.

Please note that all trash/recyclable items must be placed inside the carts.

New Cart Information :

  • Residents requiring carts need to first contact the Collector’s Office/Town Hall/781-794-8130.
  • The annual fee must be paid to have curbside pickup services.
  • Once payment is made, your trash & recycling carts will be distributed to your residence.

Additional Carts :

  • For residents requiring additional carts, first contact the Collector’s Office at Town Hall on 781-794-8130.
  • An additional annual fee of $100 for the Additional Trash service is required.
  • A one-time fee of $50 for the Additional Recycling Service is required.
  • Once payment is made, your cart will be distributed to your residence.

Damaged Carts :

  • If your cart has been damaged, please call the Trash/Recycling Office on 781-794-8088 and arrangements will be made to either repair or replace your damaged cart.

Missing Carts :

  • If one of your carts is missing, please take a walk around your neighborhood to see if it was placed at the wrong address in error by your neighbor or the trash/recycling pickup service. You can also call the Trash/Recycling office (781-794-8088) and we will provide you with the cart number that is assigned to your address so that you can also verify if your cart is at another address.

Small Carts:

  • 35 gallon carts are available. Please call the Trash/Recycling office (781-794-8088) for details.