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Braintree Recycling: How do I dispose of...?

Listed alphabetically. 

(Specific company names are for your information and convenience, and do not constitute an endorsement.)

Additional resources for Recycling can be found at

To Dispose of:


Alkaline Batteries

 Non-rechargeable Alkaline Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V) are wasteful, but not hazardous.   Dispose with trash.  Since it takes many times more energy to make a battery than you get out of it, it is better to use...

Rechargable Batteries

Many retailers have collection boxes for rechargeable, lithium and button batteries, including many hardware stores, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Radio Shack, Sears, and Staples.  Find locations near you here.

The town has a collection box at its recycling center. Also Braintree's Household Hazardous Waste Days.


Call2Recycle provides the collection boxes at these locations for the following hazardous battery types commonly found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital cameras, and remote control toys:

  • Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd),
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lithium Ion (Li-ion)  but NOT Lithium*

Automotive Batteries

* Small Sealed Lead and Automotive batteries are banned from disposal due to their lead content, and may have some scrap value.  

  • Town Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Event (Last Saturday in April and September of each year)
  • Alternative battery disposal:
    • Conway Scrap Metal, 36 Vincent St., Whitman 781-447-2534 (paying $4/each in 8/2007)
    • Spiegel South Shore Scrap, 175 E. Ashland St., Brockton, 508-897-0008
    • Many service stations accept auto batteries
    • In conjunction with Earth Day, AAA holds their Great Battery Roundup with multiple collection points
    • Collected at both Household Hazardous Waste Events - nominal disposal charge.
    • Can be returned (traded in) where you purchase a new one
    • Advanced Auto Parts and all Auto Zone Stores accept these

Large Appliances, White Goods

Special Appliance & Scrap Metal Collection Curbside:
Residents are able to recycle all appliances plus additional items such as swing sets, grills (no tanks-take tanks to recycling drop-off center), air conditioners, Microwaves, refrigerators, lawn mowers (no gasoline), and any metal items not containing hazardous materials. To arrange for pickup, call Sunrise Scavenger 2-3 working days prior to your trash day @ 617-361-8000. If calling after office hours, leave your address, inclusive of "Braintree" & state the day of the week that your trash is collected & what items(s) you are putting out for pickup. Please place item away from carts. Two items per week permitted.


asbestos1Asbestos has 2 forms: friable and nonfriable.

Materials containing friable asbestos crumble by hand pressure when dry, and may be found in such materials as old pipe insulation.  It should be removed and disposed by an asbestos abatement professional. 

Nonfriable asbestos, found in such materials as roofing, siding and flooring, should also be handled by a demolition contractor. Asbestos items are not accepted at Household Hazardous Waste Day events, or in your weekly trash. Contact a professional. and click on Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection or go to:

Automotive Fluids

lubricate-oil-funnel 300Motor and fuel oil (free of water, gasoline and other contaminants) and antifreeze are accepted at Braintree's Household Hazardous Waste Days (last Saturday in April and September each year). 

Every Advanced Auto Parts store accepts motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, power steering fluid and used vehicle batteries  free of charge.

Every AutoZone store accepts used batteries for recycling and most of their stores accept used motor oil and other used fluids. See your closest AutoZone store for details.

gas canSpoiled gasoline is flammable, and must be brought to the Town's Hazardous Waste Days.

Disposal at HHW collections costs your municipality more than you paid for it. It is best to use gasoline up before it spoils.  If treated with Sea Foam or other gas stabilizer, it can last up to a year. 

Used antifreeze can also be brought to a hazardous waste days.

Cell phones 

  • cell phonesMany retailers (including Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, and Target) collect unwanted cell phones
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active duty military members and veterans
  • eRecycling Corps offers mobile device trade-in for cash ir credit at major cell phone retailers.  Devices are evaluated to determine if they can be repaired and reused, or recycled, scrubbed of data, and put to their highesst practical use.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Fluorescent Tubes

CFLbulbAll mercury-added products, including fluorescent tubes and CFLs, are prohibited by law from being disposed in the trash.   (MGL Ch 21H, sec 6)

All Home Depot , Lowe's, IKEA and Whole Foods stores accept CFLs for recycling. 

Braintree accepts CFLs, fluorescent tubes and mercury bearing waste in a dedicated shed at the Recycling Center. Mercury information is located a

Handle CFLs by their base to avoid breakage.  Occasional broken bulbs may go in the trash.  CFLs each contain about 4 milligrams (mgs) of mercury. A fever thermometer contains about 1000 mgs.  If one CFL breaks, don't panic.  

Construction and Bulky Waste Alternatives

Construction and bulky waste, including furniture, preassure treated wood, may be brought to:

  • Usable building materials, kitchen and bath fixtures, flooring, windows, doors, lighting, etc., may also be donated to the Boston Building Materials Resource Center in Roxbury (pickup available for a fee), or to Habitat for Humanity ReStores in West Roxbury, Plymouth and other Mass. locations
  • Sheetrock (gypsum wallboard) from new construction can be recycled at Gypsum America.  The Cambridge company provides containers and refers hauling services.  Recycling clean sheetrock is an option for achieving LEED certification.  617-596-4297
  • As an alternative to renting a dumpster, Waste Management sells "the Bagster"  at Home Depot.  They hold 3 cubic yards of material.  Call them for a pickup when it is full.  $300 includes pickup.
  • Bourne Transfer + Disposal Facility, 201 MacArthur Bvd., Bourne M-F 7am -4pm, Sat 7-noon, $87.50/ton, 508-759-0651-also accept railroad ties, as does Champion City Recovery, Brockton MA
  • Desac Disposal Recycle and Transfer Station, 106 Essex St., Whitman, 781-447-0137 accepts residential construction debris on site, $30 minimum, $8-30/cubic yard.  accepts yard waste, ABC, metal, tires, white goods.  Also provides dumpster rental
  • New England Recycling, 569 Winthrop St., Taunton, 508-822-4345 accepts residential construction debris on site, $42 minimum, $100-120/ton, and also provides dumpster rental

Fire Extinguishers

There are several types of fire extinguishers.

If you have a RED tank containing CO2 (carbon dioxide), you may recharge it at the following locations:

  • Gorham Fire Appliance Co, 288 Willard St., Quincy, 617-472-5785
  • R E Lyons and Sons Fire Equipment, 197 VFW Dr., Rockland, 781-878-7599
  • MetroSouth Fire Equipment, 27 Maple Ave, Holbrook 781-767-4260
  • ABC Equipment Co., 844 Main St., Marshfield 781-837-1884

Alternatively, you may discharge CO2 tanks outdoors, unscrew and remove the head, and recycle with scrap metal.

If you have a RED tank containing dry chemical (sodium bicarbonate or monoammonium phosphate), put on goggles and dust mask.  Discharge contents outdoors, away from people, pets, and grass, aiming low, sweeping from side to side.  Unscrew and remove the head and recycle with scrap metal.

If you have any other type of tank, consult with the fire department.  It is likely hazardous.


Paint & Driveway Sealer

Oil based paints and stains that are not dried up are hazardous. The Town accepts it regularly at Household Hazardous Waste Events, for a small fee.

Latex paint and driveway sealer are messy, but not hazardous.

Good quality, usable latex paint may be accepted by “The Paint Exchange in Rockland” and the correct link is

Clean Harbors will take all unused paint for a fee.  1 Hill Ave., Braintree, 781-380-7177, open April through mid-November.

Latex Paint - If you can't use it up or give it away, remove lid, absorb with cat litter, sawdust, or paint hardener, and dispose with trash once it is solid.

Money- and Waste-Saving Tip:

Measure all surfaces to be painted. Once you have calculated the total square feet, divide by 400 . At 400 square feet/ gallon, that will tell you how many gallons you need.

Propane and gas tanks

Braintree accepts propane tanks at our Recycling Center (for Braintree Residents only).

Propane tank retailers take back refillable tanks.  Scrap metal dealers accept propane tanks in any condition.

Helium and CO2 are inert, so the valves of unwanted tanks should be opened to relieve the pressure.  Tanks may be disposed of with scrap metal or brought to a scrap metal dealer.

Ethylene and other pressurized flammable gas cylinders are not accepted with scrap metal or at haz waste collections.  Contact your local fire department for instructions on their proper disposal. 

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors containing the isotope Americium are not considered "hazardous".      Send back to manufacturer for responsible recycling. Here is  smoke detector manufacturers recycling guide.  Alternatively, they may be disposed with trash.  

Furniture: Up to 2 pieces per week allowed curbside. No need to call to schedule pickup.

furniture Serviceable Furniture (no upholstery or mattresses) and Household goods  - charitable organizations will pick up or accept on site useful and usable household items for resale to support their missions, including


Moving boxes

boxesU-Haul offers the Customer Connect service to help its customers sell, give away, or find boxes and moving supplies.  

Home Medical Waste

medicineDo not flush or put prescription medicine down the drain.

  • By law, once a prescription has been issued, the pharmacy cannot take it back.

  • Unused pharmaceuticals found in the trash may be stolen for unregulated use.

  • Antibiotics kill beneficial microbes in septic and wastewater treatment systems.  Other medications, even at very low concentrations, may have serious detrimental effects on fish, other aquatic life, and drinking water.

  • For pills: crush and pour powder in trash.  

  • For liquids: pour into a container of inedible material like cat litter, coffee grounds or dirt.

  • Hide containers in the trash. Only recycle if empty rigid plastic container.

  • The Police Department has a kiosk for unwanted medications, open 24/7, no question asked, and Braintree Health Department accepts medications, sharps at the Town's Hazardous Waste Drop-offs.

    The Drug enforcement Agency coordinates semi-annual National Drug Takeback Days. Click here to find a location near you.


Do not put medical sharps in trash or recycling.

  • Needles and lancets may infect people or animals who come in contact with trash or recycling.  It is illegal to dispose with trash and to mix with recycling.
  • Keep needles, syringes, and lancelets in secure plastic containers out of the reach of children. Syringes and Needles are accepted at the Braintree Health Department at Town Hall.  All items must be in a red sharps container.
  • Secure sharps collection containers are sold at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid for about $5.
  • Syringe and Needles are accepted at Braintree Health Dept. @ Town Hall. Items must be in a red sharps container. 

Check with the Health Department for further information, 781-794-8090.

For more information, call the Mass. Dept of Public Health, Division of Community Sanitation at (617) 727-2660.

Radioactive trash

printable 1 sided flyer | printable double sided flyer                                                 

Kitty litter, diapers, tissues and other absorbents that have touched fluids from patients or pets undergoing nuclear medicine treatment are RADIOACTIVE

Segregate for 90 days before disposing in the trash.


Detection of any amount of radiation in the trash causes the following chain of events:

  • the entire 20-ton load is rejected at the disposal facility (Covanta Energy)
  • driver & vehicle are detained for hours while Mass. Department of Health is notified
  • a radiation consultant and hauler sift through the load to attempt to identify the source and type of radiation
  • if the source can’t be identified, the container is reloaded and quarantined for up to three months, until the consultant determines it to be acceptable at Covanta
  • cost to taxpayers, ratepayers, or the individual can exceed $1,000     

Plastic film, bags and wrap

plastic bags2Plastic bags should never go in your recycling cart!  They jam up the processing equipment and are a safety hazard for workers.

All major food markets accept the following types of clean, dry plastic bags and films labeled #2 or #4, LDPE, PE-LD, or LLDPE  to recycle into plastic lumber-type products:

  • plastic retail bags (remove hard plastic, string, receipts)
  • plastic newspaper bags (empty)
  • dry cleaning bags (remove receipts, staples)
  • bread bags
  • produce bags
  • plastic overwrap from toilet papers, napkins, paper towels
  • furniture wrap
  • sandwich bags
  • clean Tyvek (no labels or glue)

You can also bring them to:

Lowe's, Staples, Target, and WalMart.

The following are considered contaminants and can cause an entire load of bags to be rejected:

  • NO food or cling wrap
  • NO frozen food, salad or cereal bags
  • NO film that has been painted or has excessive glue
  • NO garbage, wood pellet, sand, soil or salt bags (they have other barrier films embedded in them that aren't compatible) - see below for salt + pellet bags. 
  • NO chip bags, granola or candy bar wrappers
  • NO bio-based or compostable plastic bags

Salt and Pellet Fuel Bags:  Trex has partnered with Shaw's, Whole Foods, Target, and Market Basket to accept pellet and salt bags

Reduce your plastic bag use - bring your own bags to the store  More info

Styrofoam® - packing peanuts

sty-peanutsDo not put in Recycling.

Local pack-and-ship stores often accept expanded polystyrene packing material for reuse. 

When choosing packing material, bubble wrap is more easily recycled (with plastic bags) and reused.


Sensitive Documents

document destructionSensitive documents that contain bank and credit account info, social security numbers, or other information that requires privacy and/or can result in identity theft (and is not in the phone book) is best shredded.  If you have too much for a personal shredder, watch for an upcoming shredding event, ususally in the the fall or contact:

for secure data destruction pickup service.


tiresTires are accepted at Braintree's Household Hazardous Waste Events, twice a year. (Fee is $10/car tire and $25/truck tire).

All Sullivan Tire stores accept used tires for a small fee.

Appliances & Scrap Metal

Call Sunrise Scavenger to schedule a curbside appliance pickup, 617-361-8000, 2 - 3 days prior to your collection day. Small amounts of scrap metal can be brought to the Recycling Center.

The following companies can be contacted for home pickups for a fee. Specific company names are for your convenience. This is not an endorsement of them:

  • Anything Metal Removal Services, 781-385-1404
  • Environmental Pickups, 781-316-5979 (will take anything)
  • Willard Disposal  617-770-4503

The following yards may pay for scrap metal, copper and aluminum:

  • Brockton Iron and Steel, 45 Freight St., Brockton, 508-586-4640
  • Desac Disposal Recycle and Transfer Station, 106 Essex St., Whitman, 781-447-0137 
  • McConnell Enterprises, 60 Garden Park, Braintree MA 02184, 781-848-8070
  • Spiegel South Shore Scrap, 175 E. Ashland St., Brockton, 508-897-0008


  • Newer, gently used books (hard & soft cover) are accepted at Thayer Public Library (no text books, encyclopedias or medical books, please)
  • All other books are recyclable at curbside or in special container at the Recycling Center.

TVs/Small Appliances

TV’S ARE NOT COLLECTED CURBSIDE and are NOT ACCEPTED at the Drop-Off Center.  TVs are considered Hazardous Waste and can be disposed of at the Braintree semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Day:
April 29, 2017, 9AM - Noon.
257 Ivory Street (across from Braintree T Station)
Nominal Charge: $5.-$25.  (see website for details)

There are many places to dispose of TVs such as Best Buy, Clean Harbors, Willards Disposal Service, etc. Best Buy (781-848-1100) accepts TVs and computer monitors at a charge of $25 per piece. Small appliances are accepted at no charge.