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Please Remember...

Bags & boxes outside your cart can not be collected.

Do not put plastic bags in your recycling cart.


The Town’s SPRING Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off will be postponed due to the snow! Although the event was scheduled for April 25th, the area used for the event has been utilized for snow storage, and the amount of snow that is there is not anticipated to melt until late spring! Thank you for your understanding and support.

The re-scheduled Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off will be
Saturday, June 20. . . 9:00AM-Noon.

The Fall Drop-off will remain Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 9AM - Noon


In Braintree… Recycling Matters!
Starting March 1, 2015 and into May, 2015

Join the community-wide contest to promote recycling and its benefits

Prices such as recycling carts & $100 gift certificates to the Farmers’ Market will be awarded

To enter you simply need to be receiving curbside recycling services from the Town and submit a 25-50 word essay entitled:

“Why Recycling Matters and How and Extra Recycling Cart Will Improve My Reycling”.
Essays should be mailecd to at the Braintree Recycling and Trash Office.

Winners will be notified from the Braintree Recycling Office, on a monthly basis by email at the end of March, April and May.


We have seen great success with the Town’s new cart program.  The results are reflected in a 43% increase in recycling and over a 15% decrease in trash.  The variance in the percentages is because of the ease in improving our recycling habits; and, recycling materials weigh less than trash.  The results are impressive; and we appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Braintree's trash vendor is Sunrise Scavenger:
For missed trash or recycling pick-ups, or to schedule a pick-up of appliances: (as the Recycling Office is not open full time), please call
Sunrise Scavenger – Customer Service 617-361-8000 24 Hour/7Days a Week, please leave a message and it will be followed up on the next work day. All other questions call the Recycling Office 781-794-8088. All calls received after 4PM or on weekends will be returned the next business day. Missed Pickups should be called into Sunrise Scavenger with in 24 hours.

Automated Trash/Recycling Collection Program

The Town has successfully implemented an automated trash and recycling program. A number of questions have arisen since startup. The following contains responses and reminders about various services.

  • Please have carts curbside by 7:00 am placed 2 ft. apart.
  • Cart lids must be closed so trucks can operate safely.
  • Carts should be 2-3 ft. apart (also same distance from furniture) and in a place with at least 12 ft. overhead clearance.
  • Please be sure the handles on your carts are on the “house side” not the street side.
  • Only the Town issued carts can be used. No extra bags or barrels will be picked up.
  • Overflow trash/recycling can be taken to the Recycling Center, 257 Ivory St.  (across from the T). No cleanouts (over 3 bags) or construction material (other than 3 rolls/bundles of carpet or wood 3 ft. lengths.) Old trash barrels, recycling bins, plastic toys, plastic chairs, sand boxes are also accepted in the special containers at the Recycling Center.
  • For residents requiring carts, you can pick up carts at the Recycling Office, 85 Quincy Avenue, TUESDAY ONLY 10AM-2PM. Please be sure to bring your “paid” trash bill receipt with you.

Single Stream RecyclingWeekly Curbside Trash & Recycling Pickup
Curbside pickup of recycling is done weekly on your regular trash day. Single Stream Recycling allows us to put all recyclables into one cart. No more separating. Please do not use any plastic bags in recycling carts! Plastic bags can be recycled at supermarkets, no matter where they came from, even dry cleaning bags, or any other type of plastic bag.

Furniture + Large Items: Two items per week allowed (No Need To Call):
Mattress and box spring (considered one item), microwaves, furniture, carpeting and/or lumber (in 3' lenths bundled– limit 3 bundles) . Additional bags or boxes of trash or recycling are not considered bulk or large items.

Special Appliance & Scrap Metal Collection Curbside:
Residents are able to recycle all appliances plus additional items such as swing sets, grills (no tanks-take tanks to recycling drop-off center), air conditioners, refrigerators, lawn mowers (no gasoline), and any metal items not containing hazardous materials. To arrange for pickup, call Sunrise Scavenger at least 48 hours prior to your trash day @ 617-361-8000. If calling after office hours, leave your address, inclusive of "Braintree" & state the day of the week that your trash is collected & what items(s) you are putting out for pickup. Please place item away from carts.

Holiday Schedule For Trash & Recycling Collection
Whenever a scheduled collection day falls on a holiday, that day's collection and all remaining collections for the week will be delayed one day. Friday's collection will be on Saturday. Holidays falling on Saturday do not change the schedule. Holidays falling on a Sunday will result in a one day delay, as Sunday holidays are celebrated on Monday.

Holidays - No Trash Serivce (one day delay)
New Years, ML King Day, President's Day, Patriot's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Resident Trash Drop-off Facility (Recycling Center) is located to the left side of the Covanta Transfer Station in the Recycling Drop-off area 257 Ivory Street (across from Braintree T). Hours are 7AM - 3PM Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri & Sat (closed Wednesdays, Sundays and holidays). This service is intended for the occasional extra trash a resident might have when they do not wish to wait until their next curbside pickup. Free disposal up to 3 bags/boxes/barrels, 2 large items (furniture, mattress/box spring, etc.) A Resident Trash Sticker is needed to utilize this area. Sticker cost is included in the trash fee paid by residents with curbside collection and can be obtained at the Tax Collector’s Office/Town Hall (781-794-8130) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM; Tuesday & Thursday 8:00AM-6:00PM.

Clean-outs/Excessive Trash Amounts
Curbside trash pickup is intended for normal, weekly household trash. Excessive rubbish that is generated by cleanouts due to moving or periodic 'house cleanings' or construction material, must be handled by renting a dumpster, or via a special "one-load permit" for a pick-up or S.U.V. load up to 500lbs. The excessive trash and construction materials can be brought to the Ivory St. Recycling Center with the one-load permit obtained from Treasurer’s Office, Town Hall at a cost of $25. Multiple permits can be purchased if you have more than one load and can be used at any time as there is no expiration date. Proof of Braintree residency required.

Yardwaste Collection Days 2015

  • Curbside Yardwaste will be picked up on your regular trash day. Spring: April 20 & 27 and May 4,11, 18, & 25. Fall: October 18 & 26 and November 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30.
  • Pickup begins at 7 a.m. Kindly note that 32-35 gal capacity barrels or brown leaf bags should be used; no plastic bags will be collected.
  • Stickers to use the recycling-trash drop-off center and the leaf compost site are available at the Treasurer’s Office in Town Hall. Please bring your car registration with you. For  information, call 781-794-8130.

Compost Site: Yard waste can also be disposed of at the Town compost site, located at 225 Plain St. Grass, leaves, branches, brush & Christmas trees. (Trash Sticker Required) Open: April 1-January 31: Wednesday through Sunday 7:15 AM-2:45 PM
Closed: February & March.
Additional Information/Highway Dept. 781-794-8950

Compost bins
Compost bins can be purchased at the Recycling Center at a cost of $40 each, Saturdays, from 9AM to 11AM.