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Planning Board Schedule




Planning Board

Appointed by the Mayor

1 JFK Memorial Drive
Braintree, MA 02184

Phone: 781-794-8230
Fax: 781-794-8089

Robert Harnais, Chair

Erin V. Joyce, Vice Chair

James Eng, Clerk

Darryl Mikami, Member

James N. Downey, Member

Melissa M. Santucci Rozzi, Assistant Director
[email protected]

The Planning Board focuses on minimizing and regulating the impacts the Town faces relating to land use and development, particularly those conditions affecting quality of life, public welfare, traffic and public safety.  The Planning Board considers applications for Site Plan Review and those pertaining to the Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land and also serves as the Special Permit Granting Authority.  Department Staff provides technical and administrative support to the Planning Board, including review on all pending applications under their jurisdiction.  In addition, the Department Staff is a resource for residents and developers on the permitting process as well as a source of approved, pending and potential projects.

The Planning Staff and Board are responsible for encouraging sustainable development, incorporating current planning trends and development patterns as well as researching and drafting amendments to the Zoning Ordinance that are in keeping with the Town’s Master Plan.  In conjunction with Braintree’s Town Council, the Planning Board conducts Public Hearings on all Zoning Ordinance amendments, including re-zoning petitions, to gather input from the public as well as various Town boards and departments.  A recommended course of action is forwarded to the Town Council, the legislative body responsible for the adoption of amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, who will also hold a public hearing.

Other functions of the Planning Staff and Board are to maintain a current Master Plan and to ensure that growth within the Town is consistent with the Master Plan and in accordance with the official Zoning Map.  The Planning Staff and Board focuses on promoting economic development, protecting natural resources, mitigating and improving traffic impacts, encouraging sustainable development principals and on providing a variety of housing choices for residents of all income levels.  The Planning Board also reviews and provides recommendations on applications submitted to the Zoning Board of Appeal and Licensing Board.


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