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Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Braintree Department of Municipal Licenses & Inspections
Health Division

1 JFK Memorial Drive
Fax: 781-794-8098

What is the difference between the Board of Health and the Health Division?
The Board of Health are residents of Braintree, who are appointed to a term of office and are given the legal authority to set policies and make regulations to protect the public and environmental health.

The employees of the Health Division are responsible for the daily operation of the Division.

How often are food service inspections conducted?
Typically, two times a year, with higher risk establishments, such as nursing homes, school cafeterias, daycare kitchen facilities, being conducted more often. Lower risk establishments, such as a package store are conducted once a year.

When do food preparers have to wear gloves?
When handling ready-to-eat foods, such as a sandwich, cooked pizza, donuts, no bare hand contact is required. No bare hand contact can be accomplished with the use of utensils, waxed paper or single service gloves.

I think I may have gotten sick from a restaurant. What should I do?
First, contact your health care provider. Second, contact the local health division and provide as much information as possible regarding the suspected illness to better assist the division with undertaking an investigation.

Do I have to leave my name to file a complaint?
No. Anonymous complaints are accepted and investigated.

Do you test public bathing beach water and how often?
Yes. Public bathing beach water is tested at least once a week during the beach season, which is normally June through August.

Do I need a permit from the Health Division to have a bake sale?
No, bake sales are exempt, as long as food items are not potentially hazardous and are individually wrapped. However, temporary food events opened to the public do require permits.

I would like to install a well on my property for irrigation. What are the requirements?
A completed application with applicable permit fee must be submitted to the Health Division, at which time a site inspection is scheduled.   Prior to issuance of a permit to install a well, application documentation and site inspection findings are reviewed for compliance with regulations.

Can I obtain my childhood immunization record from the Health Division?
No. The Health Division does not retain childhood immunization records. We recommend contacting the child’s pediatrician for that information.

Where can I dispose of my SHARPS needles?
The Health Division does accept SHARPS needles for disposal, during normal office operating hours, in an approved SHARPS container for a nominal fee.

Does the Health Division offer free immunizations?
The Health Division offers free seasonal flu immunizations to residents that are 18 years of age and older. Free pneumonia immunizations are offer to residents that are 18 years of age and older.

What is the required heating temperature in a dwelling?
The State Housing Code requires that the heating system be capable of maintaining the temperature daily at 68 degrees from 7a.m. to 11p.m., and 64 degrees from 11:01p.m. to 6:59a.m. during the heating season.