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Braintree Police Frequently Asked Questions

Braintree Police Department

282 Union Street

Braintree, MA 02184

Emergency  911

Business Telephone  781-794-8600 | Fax  781-380-4315

How do I obtain a copy of an accident, arrest or incident report?
Copies of records can be obtained in person at the Records Division of the Braintree Police Department during normal business hours. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

The Records Division is located in the front lobby of the Police Station at 282 Union Street. When you enter the front door the window to Records will be on your right.  Records requests can also be made via mail or email.  See

Police Contact List page for the email address to Records Division clerks or contact the Records Division at 781-794-8611 for further details.

What's the best way to report a crime?
For emergencies call 911. For non-emergency crime or suspicious activity that you’d like to report, call the Braintree Police Department at 781-794-8601 and you will be guided through the menu options.

When do I have to submit a motor vehicle crash report to the Registry of Motor Vehicles?
If you are involved in a motor vehicle crash, and someone was injured or there was over $1000 of damage to either a vehicle or property, you are required to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Report to the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) with a copy to the police department in which the accident occurred. Accident reports must be filed within 5 days

How do I obtain a license to carry a firearm (LTC) for a firearms identification card (FID)?
Residents of the Town of Braintree can apply for a firearm license from the

Chief of Police. Firearm Licensing is handled by Officer John Twohig. You may contact him at 781-794-8623 or [email protected].  Applications are available in the Records Division or online at

Can I call 911 from a cellular telephone?
Yes, cell phone calls are received and handled by the Massachusetts State Police. State Police call handlers will determine your location and transfer your phone call directly to the appropriate police agency.

How do I make the police department aware of a traffic concern (speeders, illegal passing) that happens on my street?
The Braintree Police Department is committed to making our roads safe. You may either call in the complaint to the Traffic Division at 781-794-8764 or email your inquiry to [email protected]  Email requests are checked by the Traffic Division Monday through Friday.

How can the police department help me address an issue with my neighbor?
If you have a problem with noise from a neighbor, you may call the Braintree Police Department at 781-794-8601 or 8602 for a police officer to respond to the location of the noise. The responding officer has some discretion in how to deal with the noise complaint.

What is the seat belt law for children?
Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law

Effective: July 10, 2008
A passenger in a motor vehicle on any way who is under the age of 8 shall be fastened and secured by a child passenger restraint, unless such passenger measures more than 57 inches in height. The child passenger restraint shall be properly fastened and secured according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Unless required to be properly fastened and secured by a child passenger restraint under the preceding paragraph, a passenger in a motor vehicle on any way that is under the age of 13 shall wear a safety belt which is properly adjusted and fastened according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to any such child who is: (1) riding as a passenger in a school bus; (2) riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle made before July first, nineteen hundred and sixty-six, that is not equipped with safety belts; (3) physically unable to use either a conventional child passenger restraint or a child restraint specifically designed for children with special needs; provided, however, that such condition is duly certified in writing by a physician who shall state the nature of the disability as well as the reasons such restraints are inappropriate; provided, further, that no such certifying physician shall be subject to liability in a civil action for the issuance of or for the failure to issue such certificate. An operator of a motor vehicle who violates the provisions of this section shall be subject to a fine of not more than twenty-five dollars; provided, however, that said twenty-five dollar fine shall not apply to an operator of a motor vehicle licensed as a taxi cab not equipped with a child passenger restraint device.

"Child passenger restraint'', a device manufactured for the purpose of transporting children under five years of age in a motor vehicle equipped with seat belts in accordance with the provisions of federal laws and regulations, and approved by the United States Department of Transportation pursuant to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #213.

How can I find out if a sex offender is living in my neighborhood?
You can go to the Braintree Police Department and request information. You must be at least 18 years of age, present a valid form of identification and complete a Sex Offender Information Request Form. You will be provided with a dissemination sheet regarding Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders. Level 1 offender information is not made available to the public and they are only required to register once a year via the mail to the Sex Offender Registry Board. The Braintree Police Department does have information on all Level 1 Sex Offenders that work or live in Braintree.

What are the different levels of sex offenders?
Sex offenders are categorized into three levels. Level 1 is a low risk to reoffend, Level 2 is a moderate risk to reoffend and Level 3 is a high risk to reoffend.